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March 1, 2013

As bed bug management technologies, techniques and related business practices evolve, services are becoming more affordable to hard-bit consumers and companies. But while many pest management professionals (PMPs) have reduced their bed bug management program costs, they’re typically more than making up for it with increased volume, effectiveness and efficiency.

In our 2012 Bed Bug Business Survey, 88% of PMPs offering single-room bed bug treatments charged $599 or less — with 42% pricing such work at less than $300. In this year’s survey, 91% of PMPs reported single-room bed bug treatment rates of less than $600, with 52% charging $299 or less.

Despite this trend, the bed bug management market is far from mature:

■ 70% of PMPs generated more bed bug management revenue last year than in 2011, and most expect this growth to continue.
■ The niche’s Millionaire Club is projected to double to 6% of PMPs surpassing $1 million in bed bug management revenue in 2013.
■ Nearly one-third of PMPs report they currently have zero bed bug business.

There’s an upside to the inspection side as well. Only one-third of responding PMPs offer existing clients initial bed bug inspections and charge for it.

PMPs are becoming more proactive, with 71% now offering preventative bed bug management services (up from 65% a year ago).

Most continue to tier pricing based on structure type (single-family homes typically costing the most) and severity of infestation.

Nearly three-quarters of PMPs project their bed bug management revenue will increase in 2013.

Four  out of 10 PMPs expect their bed bug management revenue to soar 10% or more this year, with nearly 15% projecting an increase of 25% or more.

Nearly 98% of PMPs expect their 2012 bed bug management revenue to match or beat last year’s level.

Two-thirds of responding PMPs said their number of bed bug management jobs rose last year; 28% reported the same number of projects.
About 10% of the PMPs reporting zero sales in 2012 from bed bug management plan to reap-related revenue this year.

Nearly one-quarter of PMPs say they’re interested in add-on services and revenue streams such as offering mattress and box-spring encasements; about half of the market currently does so.

Less than 15% of PMPs currently offer storage/disposal bags for mattresses and box springs, and less than 8% do so for infested furniture. However, nearly half of PMPs are considering adding such solutions to their bed bug management arsenal.

Another untapped opportunity: Four out of 10 PMPs are not yet providing ongoing bed bug monitoring solutions and services.

The bottom line: PMPs looking to infuse sales can expect continued assistance from this cryptic, blood-sucking pest.

From inspections to treatments to ongoing monitoring, this bloodline is ripe for tapping.

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Marty Whitford

Marty Whitford is the Publisher/Editorial Director for PMP magazine. He can be reached at or 216-706-3766.

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