Tips and Tricks: 5 tips for bed bug success


March 4, 2013

By Chris Swain
Technical Service Manager, MGK

As a technician, I found these five tips to be extremely useful when treating bed bugs. Following these tips are a great way to reduce your callbacks:

1. Be a detective. When inspecting for bed bugs, remember there could be infested items that are not currently in the home (laptops, backpacks, lunchboxes, duffle bags, purses, toys, etc.). Communicate this to the client, and make sure these items are not returned to the home without proper inspection.

2. We can’t visually identify resistance. During your inspection, collect bed bugs and treat them with your insecticide of choice. Place bed bugs in a jar and observe mortality.

3. Create a safety net. As items are moved around, there is a possibility of transferring or dropping bed bug eggs, nymphs or adults on the carpet. Broadcast spray floors to maximize exposure to insecticides.

4. It’s the bed bugs you can’t see that pose the biggest callback threat. Treat behind faceplates, in wall voids, and in other areas with limited vision. Ask yourself, “If I were a bed bug, where could I hide?” Then remove or treat that area.

5. Consider all methods for controlling bed bugs. You are not limited to chemical control. Remember to practice integrated pest management (IPM); using a combination of methods usually produces the best results.

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