Tips & Tricks: Prebait Rodent Traps Whenever Possible


September 23, 2014

Ed Dolshun

Ed Dolshun

Prebait whenever possible: It’s a proven method of acclimating rodents, especially rats, to newly placed traps and glueboards. Once you’ve identified placement locations, place unset, baited traps in those areas. Any initial reluctance to approach the traps will be overcome as multiple juveniles visit and feed at these locations. As they do, they leave behind olfactory cues, signaling to more-cautious individuals it’s a viable food source. To prebait a glueboard, place the boards in locations to intercept rodents moving along known pathways or between multiple trap settings, but don’t remove the release paper. The idea is to encourage rodents to move freely across the tops of the boards as they become accustomed to the new scent, look and feel of their environments — all while leaving positive olfactory cues for other rodents.

Ed Dolshun is Technical Director and Northeast & Canada Regional Manager for AP&G.


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