Tips & Tricks: How to Avoid Potential Cockroach Resistance Problems


December 29, 2014

If one thing is known about cockroaches, it’s they shouldn’t be underestimated. To avoid potential resistance problems, rotate a minimum of two gel baits. When selecting products to rotate, it’s wise to choose ones with different actives and food ingredients. For best results, other control methods should be implemented. Granular baits labeled for roaches provide a lot of difference in bait form and food ingredients compared to gels. But there also are many other methods, including repellent and nonrepellent sprays and dusts (nonrepellent dusts containing boric acid or silica are best).

Because cockroaches are a sanitation pest, this aspect shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly in commercial kitchens. Biosanitation products will provide the best results. Physical methods, such as vacuuming and mass trapping, are also effective. And lastly, don’t forget monitoring: It’s critical for providing an early warning if control methods fail.

Dr. Cisse Spragins is CEO and Founder of Rockwell Labs Ltd.

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