Off the Cuff: Onward and Upward in 2015


January 21, 2015

We at Pest Management Professional (PMP) have experienced significant growth the past several years, and we have you to thank for it.

The support and guidance of our readers and marketing partners help sculpt the content and design of this magazine and our numerous popular digital media offerings.

We’re proud to partner with professionals such as Dr. Austin Frishman, Paul Hardy, and the current and two former technical directors of the National Pest Management Association (Drs. Jim Fredericks, Doug Mampe and Stuart Mitchell), along with many other top-caliber contributors.

As the new year unfurls, you’ll witness significant upgrades to the PMP you know and love. At the heart of these changes is an investment in new, experienced talent: Mark Sheperdigian, Pete Schopen, and Kurt and Eric Scherzinger are now regular PMP contributors.

We owe our new logo and sweet new look to Tracie Martinez, PMP’s art director, who possesses magical design skills.

While PMP has served as the industry’s leading technical journal since 1933, our mission has remained constant: InfoTainment. We create and deliver — via myriad media platforms — exclusive industry intel that both informs and entertains. Enjoy the read … and the ride onward and upward in 2015!

You can reach NEPPER at or 216-706-3775.


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