Added Value: Help Customers Visualize Buying Your Product or Service

|  March 24, 2015
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A presentation not only helps convey your message to customers but also ensures your entire sales staff highlights important details. Illustration: ©

A pest management professional’s (PMP’s) role during a sale is to help customers visualize buying a product or service. By providing visual images, a company will be ahead of some that are still giving the price on the back of a business card.

Several years ago, I put together a flip chart for our sales department to use on every termite proposal. As a result, we experienced a significant boost in sales. It also helped migrate our entire sales staff to the same page by sticking to the script and highlighting important details. By following this flip chart page by page, nothing was omitted. All the features of the treatment were presented, and we educated customers about termites during the process. Customers understood and bought our services based on visual communication.

These days, using tablets and smartphones is an even better way to present images. Within a month of the first iPad release in 2010, I transferred the flip chart artwork in iPhoto, and we were off and running in the new digital age, using pictures to help sell our services. Additionally, the iPad provided me with the ability to add video, so gone are the days of asking the homeowners if we could watch a video on their TV in the living room. Now, we can hand a tablet to a homeowner to watch a presentation.

If you don’t have a presentation ready, it’s not difficult to create one. First, storyboard the message you want to tell. Many revisions should, and will, come as you put in all the information and strategic sales questions into your pitch. Gathering all the photos and video of your company employees in action and putting them in the correct order to tell the story you want to convey will take time. You might even need to hire a professional to produce high-quality graphics. Choosing the right background music track is important, too. Video coupled with the right music can be astounding. I’d love to see your finished projects. Good luck.

Johnson Pest Control

Johnson Pest Control offers customers a digital sales presentation on termites.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words
According to marketing software firm HubSpot, 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Billions of dollars of products and services are sold this way every year. Using pictures to sell just might be your silver bullet.

Digital presentation
To see Johnson Pest Control’s current digital termite sales presentation, click here.

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