Tips & Tricks: Guidelines Help Minimize Incidence of Mosquitoes


March 31, 2015

BJ Harrington

BJ Harrington

The Center for Vector Biology at Rutgers University provides research and information for the public about insects, including mosquitoes, and the diseases they carry and transmit, such as West Nile virus (WNV). Guidelines Rutgers provides to minimize the incidence of mosquitoes and exposure to the diseases they transmit include:

⦁ Educate homeowners about conditions that are conducive for mosquito breeding.

⦁ Instruct homeowners to remove all standing water around their homes by taking all containers indoors or emptying and cleaning them.

⦁ If there’s standing water in a yard, use insecticides that will control mosquitoes at the larval stage.

⦁ Relay the benefits of backyard misting systems and other vector management programs to help control mosquitoes and other disease-transmitting pests.

BJ Harrington is Marketing Manager for Control Solutions Inc.

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