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Ed Dolshun, Technical Director and VP of Business Development, Catchmaster

Use bed bug monitors for infestations

April 3, 2019 By
Studies from Rutgers University have shown that “bed bugs inhabit areas of least disturbance first.” Areas of least disturbance can include voids behind dressers, hidden corners and any area with dust bunnies. In short, dust bunnies are bed bugs’ best... Read more»
longhorned tick (PHOTO: JAMES GATHANY, CDC/DVBD)

Rutgers keys out Asian longhorned tick

February 26, 2019 By
Scientists recently created a guide to tell the Asian longhorned tick apart from other tick species. Read more»
Photo: YouTube

Cockroaches Race to Predict Next President, Trump Declared Winner

September 1, 2015 By
At this point in the U.S. Presidential race, it’s anyone’s guess who will make it to the White House in 2016. But could Donald Trump be destined for Washington, D.C.? In an effort to predict the outcome of the election, the... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: Guidelines Help Minimize Incidence of Mosquitoes

March 31, 2015 By
The Center for Vector Biology at Rutgers University provides research and information for the public about insects, including mosquitoes, and the diseases they carry and transmit, such as West Nile virus (WNV). Guidelines Rutgers provides to minimize the incidence of... Read more»

Exotic cockroaches adapt … and succeed

January 20, 2014 By
In the Journal of Economic Entomology entomologists from Rutgers University recently reported an exotic species of cockroach was found in New York. Periplaneta japonica, the Japanese cockroach (sometimes referred to as the Wamato cockroach), is a native of Japan, but... Read more»
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