Tips & Tricks: A Nontoxic Approach to Controlling Yellowjackets


July 2, 2015

Ed Dolshun

Ed Dolshun

Yellowjacket nests are often located in structures behind shutters, in eaves, soffits, wall voids and other inconspicuous, protected areas. They also commonly nest in swing sets, patio furniture, barbecue grills, stored boats, old vehicles, and even in the ground.

One effective and nontoxic approach to controlling yellowjackets is to place glue boards around and close to nest entry points. During daylight hours, yellowjackets forage outside of the nest. When yellowjackets return, they tend to land close to the exterior of the entry hole and become trapped on the sticky surface of a glue board.

As yellowjackets accumulate on glue boards, they often sting the surface while trying to escape. This helps attract other members of the colony. Within a few hours, you’ll have captured most of the colony.

Ed Dolshun is Technical Director, Northeast & Canada Regional Manager for AP&G.

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