Tips & Tricks: Stored Product Pest Management Options


July 9, 2015

Dr. Cisse W. Spragins

Dr. Cisse W. Spragins

Stored product pests can be annoyingly persistent in certain accounts, and fumigation isn’t practical in many areas. Removing the infested commodity is the most important step, but there are several other management options, including the use of a low-impact, amorphous silica gel. The dust can be puffed or brushed into voids and cracks. It also can be mixed with water and spot-sprayed onto surfaces. It will leave a white mark when dry, so treatment should be in areas that aren’t readily visible. It will provide long residual effectiveness for many crawling pests.
In addition, pheromone traps should be placed at least 50 ft. from outside doors. Oil-based gel should be used where the dose can be reduced, to prevent drawing moths in from outside.

Dr. Cisse Spragins is Founder and CEO of Rockwell Labs Ltd

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