Centipede Four Inches Long Pulled from Teen’s Ear


July 10, 2015

You might want to wear earplugs next time you go swimming outside.  A 14-year-old boy in Arkansas pulled a 4-in. centipede out of his ear he may have picked up while swimming outdoors, reports KATV. The teen experienced severe pain in his ear one morning, and then said something felt “strange” in his ear. Next thing he knew, he was pulling a 4-in. creepy crawly out of his head. Despite dislodging the insect, he was still in pain so his mother took him and the unwelcome intruder (which was still alive) to the hospital. The teen was treated for eardrum abrasions and released. Hospital staff said a bug in the ear was a first for them, despite the fact that people require the removal of foreign objects from there on a fairly regular basis. Regular Crawling the Web readers know this certainly wasn’t the first time a bug was found hiding in someone’s ear.

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