Tips & Tricks: Understanding Stored Product Pests Key to Elimination


August 27, 2015

Dr. Stuart Mitchell

Dr. Stuart Mitchell

Managing and eliminating stored product pests (SPPs) requires an understanding of their biology and behavior.

Its also important to identify the species, to understand and predict its behavior:

  • Larvae of internal feeders develop and consume within whole grains, kernels or seeds.
  • External feeders larvae develop and consume outside whole grains, kernels or seeds. Theyre also capable of feeding on whole grains and processed commodities.
  • Scavengers consume grains damaged by other insects and processed commodities.
  • Secondary feeders infest grain products that are out of condition or code and/or contaminated by mold and/or other microbes.

Dr. Stuart Mitchell is Principal Technical Specialist for PestWest USA.

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MITCHELL, D.O., DVM, PsyD, BCE, is technical director of PestWest, and a frequent contributor to PMP.

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