Tips & Tricks: Treatment Options for Drywood Termites


November 10, 2015

PMP0815_Reid-IpserRDrywood termites usually are found in the humid coastal and subtropical regions of the U.S. But several species are found in the desert southwest, and they appear to be spreading.

Tent fumigation is a standard treatment choice for drywood control. While it’s effective in killing drywoods, it isn’t necessarily a long-term solution.

A liquid borate product treatment can be done in combination with fumigation or by itself. It delivers long-term residual protection with less risk of adverse environmental impact or accidents. Apply it to all structural wood during new construction, or to existing structures as a spot or a whole-house treatment via spray or drilling/injecting using mist or foam.

— Dr. Reid Ipser, Director of Technical Services, Nisus Corp.

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