Tips & Tricks: Bed Bug Control Options


November 30, 2015

Dr. Cisse W. Spragins

Dr. Cisse W. Spragins

Bed bug control is one of the most difficult challenges a pest management professional will face, thanks to the extreme thoroughness of treatment required and the typically zero tolerance for failure. Unfortunately, research demonstrates significant resistance to pyrethroids and neonicotinoids. Both classes of compounds have similar mechanisms for resistance, so resistance selection to pyrethroids also can cause a higher likelihood of resistance to neonics.

Among the best control choices to avoid failure are specifically engineered amorphous silica gel dust and blended botanical formulas that have data-proven efficacy against field strains of bed bugs. Heat is also a good tool in certain instances because there is no resistance. Keep in mind, however, that heat has no residual effectiveness.

Dr. Cisse Spragins is Founder and CEO of Rockwell Labs Ltd

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