PMP January Issue Mini-Preview


December 23, 2015

Our forthcoming January issue is currently being wrapped up so that we can put aside work for a few days to celebrate and enjoy the company of our loved ones. It’s an issue you shouldn’t miss (and won’t miss, if you subscribe) and ideal as a kickoff to a New Year. Training will be January’s focus — throughout most of the magazine. Serendipitously, many of our regular writers and columnists submitted content for January related to training without a prompt from the editorial staff. My contribution will focus on field training. While putting it together I had the pleasure of picking the brain of Jay Bruesch, the technical director of Plunkett’s Pest Control. In addition to all the valuable info he supplied, he also made a funny point about how, try as you might, you really just can’t teach EVERYthing. Some things, techs have to learn on their own:

“Our company’s owner went through the same training process, including field training, as all technicians do. She worked as a technician and ran a route prior to being promoted to a supervisory position, and then purchased the company from her father. She called the field trainer the very first time she had to clean a rotted rat carcass off a trap, and she was mad! ‘You didn’t tell me dead rats smell like that! Why didn’t you warn me?’ Even the best of field trainers can’t think of everything, or so it seems.”


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