Tips & Tricks: Adding Monitors to Bed Bug Inspection

|  December 31, 2015
Ed Dolshun

Ed Dolshun

Monitors should be incorporated into any bed bug inspection and prevention strategy. Monitors can be used to gauge the effectiveness of a bedbug treatment — decreasing the likelihood and severity of a future infestation.

Knowing whether your treatment was effective can be tricky. Some monitors have been specifically designed for placement in “hot spots,” such as between the mattress and box spring or behind headboards, where bed bugs are likely to reside. Using multiple monitors in specific locations can provide early notification should any bugs be missed during treatment or reintroduced into the account. Monitor your accounts for bed bugs between inspections, and be alerted early to an infestation.

Ed Dolshun is Technical Director, Northeast & Canada Regional Manager, for AP&G Co. Inc.

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