Tips & Tricks: Cockroach Control Checklist


February 25, 2016

Dr. Dina Richman

Dr. Dina Richman

To control cockroaches, consult “Dina’s Cockroach Control Checklist”:

___Place sticky traps around suspected areas of infestation. A thorough inspection, including trapping, will inform the best methods of control.
___Indoors, spray a residual liquid insecticide where cockroaches have been identified. A dual-spray action product enables broadcast, spot or crack-and-crevice treatments, as well as residual protection and reproductive control.
___In addition to baiting, apply a light dust in cracks and crevices throughout the house. This includes bureaus, closets, shelves, light fixtures, furniture, walls and floors.
___Combine these techniques with sanitation and exclusion practices for the most effective control.

Dr. Dina Richman is Development Manager at FMC Professional Solutions.

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Dr. Dina Richman is product development manager of FMC Corp.

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