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Control Solutions Inc. (CSI) unveiled its Doxem Precise dry flowable bait for cockroaches, ants, crickets and other pests, and related Precision Delivery System (PDS), at PestWorld 2019. Dr. Janis Reed, CSI’s technical services manager for pest control operations; Jeremi Farrar, regional manager for Lafayette, La.-based J&J Exterminating Co.; and Raleigh Jenkins, president of Houston-based ABC Home & Commercial Services, participated in a panel discussion in which they called the combination of CSI innovations a “game changer,” especially for eliminating German cockroach populations at troublesome commercial accounts. PHOTO: DIANE SOFRANEC

PMPs call CSI’s Doxem Precise and Precision Delivery System a ‘game changer’ for eliminating German cockroach populations

December 11, 2019 By
Raleigh Jenkins said he rarely uses the phrase “game changer” when it comes to describing pest control products, but he is adamant that Control Solutions Inc.’s (CSI’s) new Doxem Precise dry flowable bait and related Precision Delivery System (PDS) are... Read more»
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Prevent fall pests from getting in customer homes

November 20, 2019 By
The leaves throughout the forests are changing colors to their magnificent fall panel. You can find pumpkin spice anything. Time outdoors is becoming more enjoyable. All of these changes mean the fall season is upon us. As the days get... Read more»
German cockroaches can become finicky beasts at times, but these cockroaches are indicating that this bait will do nicely. PHOTO: MARK SHEPERDIGIAN, BCE

Why resistant cockroach accounts aren’t futile

November 6, 2019 By
Manage resistance by always using more than one class of insecticide. Rotate among classes of insecticides that are subject to resistance. One of the major reasons why German cockroaches (Blattella germanica) are difficult to control is resistance to the pesticides... Read more»

Test your knowledge of cockroaches

October 2, 2019 By
See how well you know and understand cockroaches and their behavior with this tech test with questions provided by Frank Meek, BCE. Read more»
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Mediterranean Cockroach. (Photo courtesy of, and copyrighted by, Gene White, pmimages@earthlink.net)

Experts share tips for challenging cockroach jobs

September 12, 2019 By
We asked Pest Management Professional's columnists and editorial board members to share their best tips for dealing with challenging cockroach jobs. Read more»

Locating cockroaches: The next best thing to X-ray vision

August 22, 2019 By
Cockroach hangouts would be easier to find if we had the ability to see through walls. Mark Sheperdigian shares some tips for locating cockroaches. Read more»

Come and get it, cockroaches

June 3, 2019 By
Here are two main (and very common) reasons why a bait-only strategy doesn’t eliminate cockroaches quickly at your accounts. Read more»
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Cockroach Battles: Why Tekko Pro is Unipest’s go-to product

May 6, 2019 By
[SPONSORED CONTENT] If a client has poor sanitation, there’s bound to be continual cockroach activity. Or so Unipest co-owners Craig Humphries and Cardon Ellis thought before making the switch to Control Solutions’ Tekko Pro. Check out their story to find... Read more»

5 tips to finding cockroach harborages in commercial kitchens

March 4, 2019 By
Improve your inspection skills for finding cockroaches in commercial kitchens. Read more»
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Cockroach control advice from the pros

October 19, 2018 By
What is one step that will put PMPs on the path to cockroach control? Read more»
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