Tips & Tricks: When to use cockroach glue boards


March 30, 2016

James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez

Surveillance and monitoring of cockroach populations are crucial when your goals are to minimize the use of insecticides and streamline your applications. Glue boards not only function as a passive, non-toxic monitoring and control device, they also offer a wide range of benefits, including determining the extent of infestation and whether cockroaches are resistant to a particular bait or liquid insecticide. Plus, a digital photo of one in use in an infested area can speak volumes when you’re communicating to the client the importance of maintaining a responsible integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Consider using glue boards as documentation when:

  • Tenants have not prepared for treatments properly,
  • Young children or the elderly are present,
  • Treating areas where food is prepared or served,
  • Determining a newer technician’s ability to solve a cockroach problem, and/or
  • A new species of cockroach is suspected.

— James Rodriguez, ACE National Marketing Manager, J.T. Eaton & Co.

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