23 call-to-action tips for pest management marketing


May 4, 2016

[Blogged with permission from guest blogger, June Van Klaveren of Compelling Communications Inc.]

Marketing gurus say that people don’t respond when asked just one time. It takes many, many calls to action (CTA) before someone actually picks up the phone, purchases, clicks, reads. . .or whatever you want them to do. But many times, I see ads, blogs, articles, etc. that DON’T EVEN ASK ONCE!

I spent a few minutes this morning looking at 13 random pest control websites to study the kind of CTAs out there. You know what I found? Twelve of the 13 pest control sites had NO Calls to Action AT ALL. So, I decided to put together a list of tips and examples you can use NOW! Take a look at your site and see how you stack up. There should be at least three calls to action on EVERY PAGE of your site!

Sample calls to action
  • “Why not call now, while pests are on your mind?”
  • “Make calling XXX Pest Control the next thing you do.”
  • “Click here the minute you finish reading this to email for your free quote.”
  • “Prevent pests now. Call us today.”
  • “Don’t delay. Call right now before pests become a problem!”
  •  “No obligation, so call us now for a free inspection.”
  • “Get the secret to prevent pests NOW. Call xxx-xxxx.”
  • “Offer expires on (date). So click now.”
  • “Get your free pest prevention report in seconds.” Put above short contact form to build your email list.
  • “For your free pest control estimate, call xxx.”
  • “Schedule now.”
  • “Complete the form for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION pest consultation.”
  • “For an immediate response, click here.”
  • “Refer a Friend and Get xx% off your next service.”
  • “Click to learn more.”
  • “Follow us.”
  • “Visit our Blog.”
  • “Find a location.”
  • “Schedule Service Online Now.”

Tips for more effective CTAs on web sites

  • Make your CTA a color that’s in sharp contrast to the web page background.
  • Be clear and concise; leave little to the imagination about what you want someone to do. “Click here for your xxxxx” tells exactly the action you want the reader to take.
  • Place your CTA on the right side of your web page.
  • Avoid putting “Submit” on the CTA buttons. Rather, be specific about what you want them to do.— JV



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