Stinging insects: A bee, or not a bee?

By |  August 30, 2016

iS43694070carpenter-beeMy fear of stinging insects is fed by a few things. Chief among them are my sister’s allergies, which require her to keep an EpiPen handy at all times, and the wasp I stepped on at a public swimming pool as a kid. (My foot swelled until it looked like I was wearing a puffy pink boot.)

Thanks to my tenure on PMP, I usually can identify what type of stinging insect I’m looking at — before I bolt inside, behind the dubious safety of a broken screen door. (I’m aware that, in most cases, bolting is ill-advised. But old habits die hard.) Read my Ride Along story covering a carpenter bee job, and notice how I never even mention paralyzing fear!

Currently, I’m being tormented at home by wasps, which I’m still trying to ID with more precision. The wasps must be building a home somewhere near the gutters or eaves around my second-story apartment porch — my sacred summer escapist sanctuary. I’ve tried to monitor their behavior and flight patterns, but I still can’t find evidence of a nest.

It’s time to call my landlord and ask him to call in the pros — pest management professionals (PMPs), like you, with the proper tools and experience to keep these pests at bay every day. (I now know better than to try my hand at pest control. That only works out for the pests!)

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