Wildlife pests: 2 tips for using cage traps


October 12, 2016

Mike Goldstein

Mike Goldstein

Here are two tips to help you be more successful when using cage traps to catch wildlife pests:

  1. Always select the proper recommended size trap for the target animal you’re after. For example, you would not use a raccoon-size cage trap to catch gray squirrels. The raccoon trap is much too large, and would allow the squirrel to harm itself if caught in the trap. The correct size trap restricts the animal when caught, which minimizes injury and stress. In addition, the required sensitivity to trigger a larger trap is much greater.
  2. Be certain your cage traps are properly secured and stable, so they don’t rock or move when the animal enters. The animal must feel comfortable and at ease entering your cage traps.

— Mike Goldstein, Sales Manager, Professional Products, Woodstream


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