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Checklists can be used for managing any project or ongoing procedures. The best way to develop a checklist is to:

  1. Determine a timeframe in which all tasks must be finished (daily procedures, weekly procedures, monthly procedures, etc.).
  2. Determine which tasks need to be completed over the timeframe (customer entry, service entry, financial entry).
  3. List specific procedures that must be completed in order to finish the project.
  4. Execute: Complete each task on the list, and have the person who completes the task put their initials on it, thereby creating accountability and giving ownership of the task to that person.
  5. Daily office routines that keep the machine humming must be proceduralized and consistent. In certain respects, the repetitive nature of this type of work can make it boring. However, boring is good when it comes to daily office work. It means the system is working and there are few problems. Here’s an example of a daily procedure checklist:

Daily procedure checklist

  • Check all technician paperwork or mobile information from jobs performed for the current day.
  • Enter new customers and sales prospects into the computer.
  • Deactivate customers who have canceled service.
  • Enter sales commissions for technicians or sales reps who work on commissionable sales.
  • Enter work orders for new jobs that have been sold.
  • Make sure renewals are set up for any renewable work that has been sold.
  • Print service orders and technician appointment listings for the next workday. Determine whether the amount of work to be performed is adequate.
  • Post work to computer for work completed the prior day.
  • Reprint service order forecasts by technician for the prior day. On a daily basis, no service orders should be outstanding, except for technicians who hand in their work weekly and estimate tickets.
  • Apply customer payments as payments are received.

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