NWCOA: Certified Advanced WCO Training Course


November 18, 2016

NWCOAThe National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) Certified Advanced Wildlife Control Operator Training Course will be offered for the first time in conjunction with the Wildlife Expo 2017 in Memphis, Tenn., on Feb. 7-8, 2017. This new certification course is meant to train established WCOs that perform wildlife management services in or on residential and commercial properties. This course is a two-day, in-depth look at topics central to professional operation of a wildlife management company. It is structured as a practical, case study classroom-style training course taught by Master NWCOA Instructors and Certified NWCOA Instructors. Participants must hold a current NWCOA Basic Wildlife Operator Certification or pass the Basic Wildlife Control Operator test online (for a fee of $100) prior to attending the Advanced Wildlife Control Operator class. WCOs will have one attempt to pass the exam online. NWCOA highly recommends taking the in-person basic course, as the exchange of information between the instructors and the students is an invaluable learning experience. The basic course is being offered prior to the Wildlife Expo 2017 to enable registrants to take both the basic and the advanced courses successively. To check on your status or for information on taking the online test, please call the executive office at 855-Go-NWCOA or 540-374-5600.


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