Tips & Tricks: Moles vs. voles


January 18, 2017

Bell Labs By Sheila Haddad Vice President of Sales - East

Sheila Haddad, Vice President of Sales – East, Bell Labs

Many technicians misdiagnose disrupted dirt or tunneling systems that appear in a yard. Homeowners call and think they have moles, when in reality they most likely have voles. Remember, voles have clearly visible openings at each end of their tunnel system and create well-defined surface runways, about 2 in. wide. These runs are indented, as if a garden hose were placed on the lawn and pulled off. The shape that is left behind can look like a “V.” By comparison, moles tend to make mounds or underground runways that are slightly raised and are much wider.

To eliminate voles above ground, use a tamper-resistant bait station and an appropriately labeled rodenticide. Burrow baiting for voles is another option.


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Vice President of Sales - East, Bell Labs

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