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March 29, 2017

Have you talked to your technicians about proper dusting technique lately? You might not think that you need to, after having done initial training. But check out this video produced by Phoenix, Ariz.-based ABC15-TV.

Arizona ABC15

(Click on image to watch the video in a new tab.) Photo: ABC15

Repeatedly referring to professional pest management firms as “pesticide companies” aside, this does underscore the need to communicate with customers about your pest management strategies, and to manage expectations. The “gang signs” for “casing the house” resemble old hobo signs used from the 1860s through the 1940s (for more, click here). Social media can spread what was meant to be a joke into full-blown hysteria very quickly.

While this video may have given you a chuckle, it could also give you pause. Are your technicians making sure customers know what to expect after an exterior dust treatment?


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