Bed bugs: 2 ways to apply liquid applications with heat treatments


August 30, 2017

Sandra Sleezer, Entomologist &
Technical Service Coordinator, MGK

There are two common approaches to using liquid applications in conjunction with heat treatments for bed bugs:

  1. Apply the concentrate prior to the heat treatment, so the product is readily available to be picked up when the bed bugs start moving. The heat will generally cause bed bugs to start moving from harborage areas and then come in contact with the product.
  2. Apply the product after the heat treatment, because heat can degrade some active ingredients. Some pest management professionals (PMPs) prefer to apply the product after heat treatments when temperatures have decreased.

While both ideas have worked for different PMPs, in our professional experience, most products are tested at temperatures well above 100°F for extended periods of time. In the case of temperatures in the range of 130° to 150°F, it is our opinion that exposure to these temperatures for extended periods of time (three to eight hours) is not enough to degrade most products.

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