Key pretreatment steps for IPM mosquito program

|  November 15, 2017

Tommy Powell, Technical Services, MGK

The pretreatment step is an important part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program for mosquito control — yet it’s often overlooked. Key steps include:

  • Walk around and survey the property.
  • Check the wind direction and potential drift issues, including a quick assessment of neighboring properties.
  • Remove all items from the yard that have people and/or pet contact, such as toys, lawn furniture, pet food bowls, etc.
  • Look for and identify areas of concern such as gardens, fish ponds, flowering plants, etc.

Once you’ve done a thorough review of the property, you can properly determine equipment and product needs. Equipment examples include a backpack mist blower, truck-mounted power sprayer or a compressed air sprayer for smaller areas. Products that could be used include adulticides, larvicides/insect growth regulators (IGRs), and more. Always review the product label to ensure proper use.

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