Pest control technicians: Online vs. classroom training



March 7, 2018

Kurt: Eric, have we looked into online training at all to replace some of the classroom training that is tying up everyone’s time?

Eric: I thought we talked about this a few years ago! You had me convinced classroom training was the only way to go. Why do you always have to bring up old issues?

Kurt: Times change! I heard about some really nice advances with online training. There are tools out there we can use to create our own. Online training will let remote employees get the same message all the time. Plus, if someone misses a meeting, he or she can make it up easily.

Eric: That sounds great, but I agree with what you stated a few years ago: We still need classroom training because it allows for interaction between individuals, so you actually see whether someone is intently listening.

Kurt: Yes, that is exactly what I said about classroom training the last time we discussed this. Anyway, it’s time now for a change and I’m suggesting we look at something you felt strongly about back then. I mean, now there are interactive training programs you can build, so you don’t have to use a standard PowerPoint. Then I heard about 3D interactive training coming online for our industry.

Eric: See? I am always the forward thinker, and you want to keep it status quo because it’s working — until the flashy object goes rolling by! I knew this would be the future; we should have jumped on it back then.

Kurt: That was when it was first introduced. Now it’s been refined and can actually be applied to what we do. I say we look into it further and start using it for some of our training to free up our managers so they can spend more time in the field.

Eric: OK, but I still want to see some classroom training for the interaction.

Kurt: We will see…

Eric: Pft!

Brothers Eric and Kurt Scherzinger are vice president of sales and marketing and vice president of operations, respectively, for Scherzinger Termite & Pest Control, Cincinnati. The fourth-generation pest management professionals can be reached at and


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