Mosquitoes: Use multi-pronged treatment plan


March 22, 2018

Sandra Sleezer, Entomologist &
Technical Service Coordinator, MGK

Mosquitoes evolve quickly to changes in their environment, so your treatment plan should be multi-pronged. For best results, use the combination of a knockdown, a long-lasting insecticide, a synergist and an insect growth regulator (IGR). Each component features a unique benefit to mosquito control.

A knockdown is important because it provides immediate relief from an adult population of biting mosquitoes. For best results, also use an insecticide that will provide a long residual.

Synergists are not insecticides by themselves, but they enhance insecticide efficacy. Synergists can combat insecticide resistance present in the mosquito population by preventing the breakdown of the insecticide in the insect.

IGRs provide a very different mode of action than adulticides do in combatting mosquito populations. One type of IGR is a juvenile hormone (JH) mimic, which prevents the transition of larvae into adults — effectively ending their life cycle in the pupal stage. It can also sterilize adult mosquitoes and reduce the number of viable eggs that are laid.

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