Web Exclusive: Sentricon Deader Than Dead, behind the scenes


May 21, 2018

Editor’s Note: Read some highlights of what happened on the first day when Cincinnati, Ohio-based Scherzinger Pest Control hosted the Sentricon Deader Than Dead Tour. Here, Eric Scherzinger, VP of sales and marketing, picks up the narrative for day two.


From left are Scherzinger Pest Control CEO Steve Scherzinger, Sentricon District Sales Manager Danielle Hardin, Scherzinger Pest Control VP of Operations Eric Scherzinger, Sentricon Territory Manager Natalie Holt, and Scherzinger Pest Control VP of Sales and Marketing Kurt Scherzinger.

On Tuesday, April 10, teams from Corteva Agriscience, Agricultural Division of DowDuPont (formerly Dow AgroSciences) and the company’s marketing partner, Bader Rutter, showed up at our office bright and early with breakfast for everyone. We invited our entire staff to come to our office to get breakfast and take a picture with the Coroner’s Caddy hearse. All our employees got a great kick out of the hearse, and took lots of pictures. Then the team conducted what seemed like very long interviews on camera with Kurt and myself about the benefits of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, and how we have used it to grow our business.

Then it was time for a current customer testimonial. We have always been hesitant about asking our customers to go on camera to talk about a bug problem they’ve had. But we had a lot of volunteers when we started to ask. We found a perfect longtime customer who was willing to go on camera and talk about her experience with us, as well as the Sentricon system. Seems like the interview couldn’t have turned out better.

From there, I got to ride in the hearse and make a special stop at the babysitter’s house where my son, Easton, was for the day. He and the other kids loved it and thought it was so cool. I’m sure their parents knew where the Deader Than Dead Tour stickers and temporary tattoos came from when they were picked up — and were not surprised at all, knowing who Easton’s dad is.

It was pretty interesting actually riding in the hearse. It definitely grabbed everyone’s attention on the road. I mean, how often do you see a 7-ft. dead termite on top of a hearse? It was amusing having so many people trying to get up next to us and take pictures. Luckily, it all turned out well.

From there, we went to the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Apartment Association’s reception for National Apartment Housing Month at the headquarters of property management software developer Rent Manager. I felt bad having the driver park the hearse right in front of Rent Manager’s building, but thankfully, they thought it was pretty neat. It created a buzz about termite awareness, as well as great photo opportunities for everyone.

All said and done, the Deader Than Dead Tour was a great experience for Scherzinger Pest Control!


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Eric Scherzinger is sales and marketing manager for Scherzinger Termite & Pest Control in Cincinnati. The fourth-generation pest management professional can be reached at eric@stopzbugs.com.

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