Starting an Instagram for business


July 10, 2018

Marketing Illustration: Leo Michael

Illustration: Leo Michael

What’s your Insta? Do you have an IG? Or if you want to be formal about it: Do you have an Instagram handle? (We’re at @pmp_magazine; hit us up!) Like Facebook and Twitter before it, Instagram (text shortcut: IG) is where a lot of the cool kids hang out — including a growing number of “kids” who are home and business owners with pest problems.

Marketing to the various generations takes on many different forms. Instagram, which launched in August 2016, already reports more than 800 million active accounts. According to a recent article on, some popular ways businesses are interacting with their customers on it, particularly with the platform’s “stories” feature, include:

⦁  Give glimpses behind the scenes. Record short videos introducing your office staff. Show your bed bug inspection canine in action. Underscore that your company is comprised of caring, knowledgeable individuals who are ready to help their customers.

⦁  Create a call to action. Offer compelling posts, like video of ants crawling on a kitchen counter. Remind followers they can prevent this from happening with a simple click on the post, which takes them to a tech visit scheduling page.

 Offer a Q&A. Show off a gnarly termite tube or similar eye-catching image, and invite followers to AMA (“ask me anything”) about it. If you’re already on the ’Gram, and have more tips to share, drop me a line:

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