Tips for avoiding ant job callbacks

By |  August 25, 2018
COVER: PMP Archives / PHOTO:

COVER: PMP Archives / PHOTO:

When do-it-yourselfers have tough times  managing ants, they often call pest management professionals (PMPs) for help. But when PMPs are faced with particularly challenging ant management jobs, to whom should they turn?

Manufacturer representatives, distributors and entomologists are excellent resources. So is Pest Management Professional’s (PMP’s) 2018 Ant Management Supplement.

Readers not only told us about their ant management revenue projections and job pricing, they also shared tried-and-true control tips. Many PMPs offered the same great advice: Inspect thoroughly for ants; be sure to correctly identify the species; constantly communicate with customers; and eliminate conducive conditions. Additional tips included: Note customer education and expectations in service reports; create a rapport, and build trust, with customers; and encourage your team of technicians to help one another by relating stories and asking each other for advice.

To keep ants — the No.1 callback offender — at bay, PMPs need teamwork, and proven control tools and techniques. 

View a PDF of the 2018 Ant Management Supplement.

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