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Exploring the termite/mulch connection

May 5, 2019 By
Should PMPs recommend mulch be eliminated from landscapes because it provides food, insulated soil and moisture for foraging termites? Read more»

Industry experts share busy season preparation tips

April 15, 2019 By
We asked Pest Management Professional’s columnists and editorial board members to share tips for the busy season — and what tasks many PMPs inadvertently overlook. Here are some of their responses — including a few extra that didn’t make it into... Read more»
Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE Research Entomologist, Rockwell Laboratories

Utilize different treatment methods for bed bug callbacks

April 5, 2019 By
It is well established by university research that bed bugs have developed multiple resistance mechanisms to certain chemical treatments. Some populations of bed bugs also have shown rapidly developing cross-resistance to other classes of pesticides. It is the responsibility of... Read more»
Dr. Janis Reed, BCE, Technical Services Manager, Control Solutions Inc.

Tips to evaluate products for bed bug infestations

April 2, 2019 By
It seems every day a new product, method or tool is being introduced for bed bug infestations. How does a pest management professional (PMP) separate the “good” products from the not-so-good ones? When evaluating new products, it is important to... Read more»
American dog tick (Photo courtesy of, and copyrighted by, Gene White, pmimages@earthlink.net)

Prepare to have a “tick talk” with clients

April 1, 2019 By
To avoid callbacks, be sure to educate your customers about what tick treatment entails — and what to expect as a result. Read more»
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Are you among the ‘Walking Dead’ at cockroach accounts?

January 2, 2019 By
The American public has had a fascination with zombies for decades, with the TV show “The Walking Dead” serving as just a recent example of this phenomenon. But while the zombies of TV and horror movies are fictional, in the... Read more»
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ants. PHOTO: iStock.com/buslig22

Tips for avoiding ant job callbacks

August 25, 2018 By
To keep ants — the No.1 callback offender — at bay, PMPs need teamwork, and proven control tools and techniques.  Read more»
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Photo: NPMA

Multiple termite inspection documents tell the whole story

April 25, 2017 By
Not only can termite callbacks be costly for a pest management company’s bottom line, they can negatively affect relationships with clients. Identifying factors that can influence the likelihood of a callback takes precise documentation and informed communication with clients. During... Read more»
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Joe Barile

Tips & Tricks: Know core bed bug harborage

August 31, 2016 By
Bed bugs are parasites that feed only on blood. Research has demonstrated that “core” bed bug harborage will be located in, on or close to sites where people sleep or sit for extended periods. Therefore, focus intense inspection and treatments... Read more»
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photo: ©istock.com/Chunumunu

Tomorrow’s Effective Communicator Begins Today

March 9, 2016 By
In this digital age, we have all grown accustomed to receiving and processing large quantities of information in an instant. While such advances have helped make our lives easier, they have also made our lives more complex. Current digital-age demands... Read more»
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