Eliminate previously infested food to prevent spreading SPP


September 13, 2018

Dr. Reid Ipser, Director of Technical Services, <a href="http://nisuscorp.com/" target="_blank">Nisus Corp.</a>

Dr. Reid Ipser, Director of Technical Services, Nisus Corp.

The granary weevil (Sitophilus granarius) and rice weevil (S. oryzae) are among the top pests worldwide that wreak economic havoc. Generally, using mechanical/augmentative methods is the best approach prior to chemical control. Inspecting introduced items, proper sanitation, proper storage with a rotation practice, and proper storage area ventilation always should be in practice.

Many times, previously infested food is the catalyst for spreading SPP. Placing flour, sugar, and other food in tight-sealing jars, in addition to vacuuming storage areas at least quarterly, is recommended. For chemical control, spray shelves with an appropriately labeled product prior to stocking.


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