Bird control is IPM


February 25, 2019

Headshot: Dr. Cisse Spragins

Dr. Cisse Spragins, CEO/founder of Rockwell Labs

Bird control is the ultimate exercise in integrated pest management (IPM): Traditional control products aren’t really an option in the vast majority of circumstances, so prevention is about the only option. Common starlings, sparrows and pigeons are considered pests, though, so mitigation efforts (deterrence, not killing) are legal in most jurisdictions.

While many products focus on roosting deterrence, it is also important to advise clients on ways to reduce garbage, other food sources, and standing water, which can make areas very attractive to birds. Pigeons aren’t called “rats with wings” for no reason, after all!

Perhaps the most annoying and problematic thing about birds is their droppings. Bio sanitation products are an excellent option for neutralizing droppings, reducing the odor from droppings and easing cleanup.

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