Educate customers on threat of birds


February 27, 2019

James Rodriguez Headshot

James Rodriguez, ACE, Technical Director, J.T. Eaton & Co.

Successful nuisance bird control involves addressing the issue quickly; however, many customers seem to delay because they don’t see birds as a threat. We must remind them that gutters can become clogged with nests, droppings can cause slips and falls as well as threaten their health, and turf may be damaged.

Your integrated pest management (IPM) approach must start with interaction with your customers — and sometimes, their landscapers. If geese are present, changing the landscape to allow grasses to grow taller will prevent grazing. Improving waste disposal also is crucial around schools and public areas. Using trash receptacles with self-closing lids can bring immediate improvement.

Fast and simple deterrents for low-level infestations include bird gel, reflective flash tape, gutter guards to keep small birds from nesting, copper mesh for sealing entry holes, and battery-operated water deterrents around decks and pools. When used properly, these and other products can keep birds away for little cost.

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