Bed bugs in Apple store illustrate why communication is key


April 18, 2019

Photo courtesy of, and copyrighted by, Gene White,

Photo courtesy of, and copyrighted by, Gene White,

Even Apple is not immune to a bed bug infestation. The New York Post reported the temporary Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York City has been battling the critters for more than a month.

The recent infestation serves as an example of how commercial customers should not react to a bed bug sighting.

Reportedly without any comments from Apple corporate headquarters, employees have sounded off and shared what measures have been taken — or not taken. Along with being instructed to wrap belongings in plastic during their shifts, employees told the Post that the 24-hour store was shut down, with no warning, for six hours due to a reported water leak.

With a lack of communication from Apple, employees and shoppers have continued to visit the store. Tourists, as well as homeless visitors, frequent the always-open store, which has hundreds of employees. The Post reports employees believed the infestation began with a homeless visitor, but a bed bug detector dog was brought in and indicated two staff lockers were at least one of the sources.

As our industry is very much aware, anybody could have bed bugs. New York City is definitely no stranger to the pest. In fact, Orkin’s Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list ranked NYC within the Top 10 for the last four years.

The store location is temporary while Apple renovates its main two-story store, reportedly reopening later this year.

Let us know: Do you give your commercial customers advice on how to handle a bed bug sighting?

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