Tips to inspect, treat commercial kitchens for cockroaches


April 23, 2019

Product Development Manager, AMVAC Environmental Products

Dr. Chuck Silcox, Product Development Manager, AMVAC Environmental Products

Cockroach control is a tough job that requires an even tougher solution. The high moisture levels, food, grease and harborage sites present in commercial kitchens make them a particularly attractive location for cockroaches. Furthermore, bait-averse and pesticide-resistant German cockroach populations make controlling cockroaches in these areas and others even more difficult.

When inspecting and treating commercial kitchen accounts, we suggest thinking outside the “box” of the kitchen’s four walls. Cover your bases under and around appliances, drains, pipes, cabinets and trim, but also find out where workers congregate on their break — perhaps inadvertently transporting cockroaches to new areas at the account. Is there a restroom that only employees use, and is it part of your regular inspection? Is there a closet where extra uniforms and aprons are stored? Does the supply closet store mop buckets that haven’t completely dried from previous use? Leave no menu unturned until you’ve discovered all the hot spots at the account.

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Product Development Manager, AMVAC Environmental Products

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