3 places to inspect for stinging insects this spring


April 27, 2019

Photo: PMP Staff

Mel Whitson, Senior Field Technical Service Manager, Zoëcon Professional Productsit

The next time you’re treating for wasps, hornets or fire ants, inspect the following to ensure “spring doesn’t sting” your clients:

  • Play equipment — Swing sets and treehouses can be an often-overlooked home to stinging insects. When overwintering paper wasps emerge, they tend to set up their nests on playsets that have been undisturbed in the winter.
  • Outdoor storage areas — Sheds, deck crawlspaces and garages are all great places for wasps and hornets to build nests. When visiting a home for a stinging insect infestation, pay special attention to the corners and edges of these areas, because that’s where nests tend to be built.
  • Air-conditioning units — Typically found in the South, fire ants are attracted to the current and electromagnetic field of air-conditioner condensers — potentially leading to a short circuit and malfunction.

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  1. Spring is now here and with that comes certain types of flying bugs. Take care and a bit of time to inspect your back yard to make it safe for the kids and the elderly. Thank you for posting.