Massey sales event breaks records


May 10, 2019

Massey Services

Orlando, Fla.-based Massey Services sold nearly 19,000 units totaling more than $7.6 million during its 2019 spring sales event. The event, in its 19th year, shattered previous records.

The annual sales program is held in all markets where the company operates – Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Carolina. It provides customers the opportunity to save money on every annual service they purchase. Massey Services’ spring sales event is held in early spring so customers can purchase services around the time of increased pest and weed activity.

“This event provides all team members the opportunity to learn more about our field operations and our customers,” says Tony Massey, president of Massey Services. “We’re proud of our entire team and the hard work they put into the planning and execution of this annual event.”

In preparation for the event, all team members decorate their service centers and corporate department areas to help build excitement. The event encourages team work and offers the opportunity for friendly competition between regional management, service centers and the entire corporate team.

Purchased in 1985 by PMP Hall of Famer Harvey Massey (Class of 2008), Massey Services and its subsidiary organizations employ more than 2,100 team members and operate 1,800 vehicles that provide residential and commercial pest prevention, termite protection, landscape and irrigation services to approximately 600,000 customers.


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