4 tips to strengthen your online marketing


May 20, 2019



Internet marketing can be a viable and lucrative addition to your pest control company’s business goals. But whether you are doing the internet marketing yourself or outsourcing it, there are always areas in need of improvement.

Here are four tips to help:

1. Use the A/B test method.

Always be testing. Whether it’s a Google Ad, a landing page, or a call to action, you always should be testing variations to see which version does better. This can be as simple as comparing the effects of different phrasing in the subject line (such as “Free Inspection” vs. “Same-Day Service”), which is where the “A/B testing” phrase comes from. It also can be as intricate as creating two distinct landing pages to see which is more effective (choice “A” or “B”) in compelling prospects to call you.

The key to success is understanding that not every new ad and not every test is going to automatically result in an improvement over the former iteration. Through constant testing and thoughtful comparison, however, you’ll find your performance steadily improving over time. Ultimately, A/B testing leads to more business.

2. Try new channels, but get the basics right first.

Ask 10 pest control company owners what marketing is working for them, and you’ll likely get a different response from each. There are many places to spend your time and dollars marketing yourself online; Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just a few of the more common spots. But get the basics right first before you dive into some of the periphery.

This means making sure your “Google My Business” listing is claimed, up-to-date, and fully filled out. It also means you have a process in place for getting reviews. Google Ads is a good place to focus first, given that more than 90 percent of internet searches start on Google.

First focus on getting these foundational items accurate and in place. Then, you can experiment with other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, if you wish.

3. Have a clean and informative website.

Be sure your website clearly communicates who you are, what services you offer, and the areas you service. Have a strong and compelling call to action, such as same-day service or money off an initial service. Your prospects often are going to be people who want to make a quick decision to address their urgent pest problem. Provide them with the information and motivation to make the decision to call you for help.

4. Record — and listen to — inbound phone calls.

When you listen to recordings of even just a few random samples of your inbound calls, the insights you gain on your marketing efforts and customer service will prove to be invaluable.

For example, you might learn a customer service representative is too busy and rushing prospects off the phone. Or perhaps a customer service representative has poor phone etiquette and needs additional training. The news can be good, too, if you learn your positive online reviews are generating phone calls, for example.

Internet marketing can improve the quantity and quality of inbound phone call leads. Use these strategies to help drive traffic to your website and convert phone call leads into customers.


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