Ask these questions to sell mosquito services


June 13, 2019

Murray Smith, Founder and Owner, Remington Solar

Murray Smith, Founder and Owner, Remington Solar

A backyard mosquito misting system can be the ultimate luxury for a homeowner. At a press of a button (or on a pre-scheduled spraying), mosquitoes “mysteriously” vanish. This is all great for the homeowner — until you mention the price tag. Even for a competitively priced system or unit, the secret is to talk less about features and more about the questions the homeowners might have. If the pest management professional (PMP) asks the right questions, prospects will tell him or her exactly how they want to be sold.

Ask the prospect, “Are mosquitoes an issue for you?” This gets the prospect to verbally admit it is a good affirmation. From there, you can ask:

“What area of your backyard would you like to protect?”

“Your house looks quite expensive. How much is your backyard area worth if you could use it a lot more?”

“Are you concerned about West Nile virus or Zika virus? Or not really?”

With a positive answer, try a pre-closing question such as, “If I could solve a 2,500-square-foot mosquito problem for you for $__, or a 5,000-plus-square-foot mosquito problem for $__, would you be interested?”

Don’t be surprised if the prospect is ready to buy. Sometimes a list of technical jargon is a turn-off, even if you’re right. Instead, courteous and simple questions are the key.


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