Sprayer system designed with techs in mind


July 10, 2019

David Fleming

The bucket features a caddy that can hold an assortment of supplies technicians need on the job. Photo: Landon Fleming

If you’ve ever wished you could improve upon the equipment you use when servicing commercial accounts, check out how one pest management professional (PMP) did just that.

David Fleming

The extendable wand has a flexible tip that can be curved to allow technicians to treat without bending or getting on their hands and knees. Photo: Landon Fleming

David Fleming, owner of Pest Management Solutions, Spartanburg, S.C., created a special compressed air sprayer system using parts from other sprayers currently on the market to make the work easier for himself and his technicians.

Fleming says he created the system to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary bending.
  • Put less wear and on the technician’s back and joints from carrying a 2-gallon sprayer.
  • Accommodate a 2-gallon sprayer instead of a 1-gallon sprayer.

The system features:

  • An adjustable tip with the ability to curve and create any angle to reach without bending areas that are normally hard to reach.
  • A wand that adjusts from 24 to 40 inches to accommodate technicians of almost any height.
  • 8-foot sprayer hose.
  • A bucket caddie for lots of onboard storage for tools, traps, aerosols, insect monitors, extra chemical bottles, spare parts, and whatever else a technician needs to have on hand.
  • A bucket dolly to allow for smooth rolling while servicing commercial accounts.

The 25-year-old company has plenty of commercial accounts. Fleming says the most common pest encountered when performing pest control at commercial restaurant accounts is German cockroaches. Argentine ants, fire ants and mice follow close behind.

David Fleming

The curved tip can be bent in any direction, causing a hook effect that can be easily adjusted by foot. Photo: Landon Fleming

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  1. Marvin says:

    Hi, is this system for sale? I need information.

    1. PMP Staff says:

      Thanks for writing, Marvin! David created the system for his own company use, but you might be able to contact him for more information. — The Eds.