MGK acquires brand from Piedmont Animal Health


July 18, 2019

Minneapolis, Minn.-based MGK, a provider of insect control solutions, executed a purchase agreement to acquire the Flynexx brand assets from North Carolina-based Piedmont Animal Health. The acquisition includes the Flynexx Granules fly control product and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration for the insect growth regulator (IGR) cyromazine.

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“The acquisition of the Flynexx business allows the immediate expansion of MGK’s animal health portfolio while also securing access to another IGR, which can be utilized for broader product development purposes,” says Don Sundquist, MGK’s director of business development.

“Flynexx is a great addition to the more than 15 products MGK currently offers in the animal health sector, which includes popular brands such as NyGuard IGR, Decimari, ULD BP 100, Onslaught FastCap and EverGreen Pro 60-6,” says Lance Platt, animal health sales and marketing manager for MGK. “Having an additional IGR with a unique mode of action further strengthens MGK’s ability to provide livestock producers and applicators with more rotational choices within MGK’s suite of innovative insect control solutions.”

MGK was established in 1902. Early in its history, the company discovered pyrethrum (Py), a natural insecticide. Today, MGK is a global leader in the production of Py and is involved in the development, marketing and distribution of insect control products. It currently serves the animal health, professional pest control, public health, crop protection and household insecticide markets. As of 2012, MGK became a North American affiliate of Sumitomo Chemical Co., which is based in Tokyo, Japan. MGK delivers its products through traditional distribution outlets, retail and e-commerce channels.


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