2 termite control solutions to consider incorporating


July 26, 2019

Steve Goscinsky, Technical Representative, Ensystex

Steve Goscinsky, Northeastern U.S. Technical Sales Representative, Ensystex

Winter is over — according to the calendar, anyway — and termites are swarming. Now we just need for it to stop raining! For termite jobs, two products often are overlooked that might be worth incorporating into your treatments. Here are the termite control solutions to consider:

  1. Above-ground bait stations. If you are using termite baits, don’t forget these units. Placed at points of activity inside a structure or on the outside wall of a structure at points of activity, firsthand experience proves they are generally the first stations to be hit by workers, often before they discover the stations in the soil. When you pop the lid and show your customer the workers swarming on the bait, it’s an impressive sight!
  2. Borates. Regardless of whether you’re treating with baits or liquid termiticides, consider applying a borate on termite-damaged timber and structural wood. Obviously, if you are using baits, you need to let the bait do its job before adding a borate application.

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