Tackle summer challenges: Spiders and scorpions


August 1, 2019

Headshot: Sandra Sleezer, Entomologist & Technical Service Coordinator, MGK

Sandra Sleezer, Entomologist & Technical Service Coordinator, MGK

Summertime brings out more than just long days and family time; spiders and scorpions are just getting comfortable inside homes. This may result in an influx of calls.


Many customers have trouble with spiders around their boathouses, but applying insecticides around natural waterways can be tricky, as most applications would have a tendency to drift and contaminate the water. Instead, try a product that can be painted onto the interior of the boathouse. This can eliminate the risk of drift, and avoid exterior boat applications where it could wash off in a rain event.


Scorpions are another summer foe. While regular insecticide applications to the exterior of a structure will help keep scorpions from entering a structure, implement cultural control tactics and physical barriers as well. Store firewood off the ground and away from the house; seal or protect any openings, including under doors; and remove any unnecessary rocks from the exterior, which can serve as harborage for scorpions.


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