Ant management: Expect to help customers


August 5, 2019



Call in the pros, we advise anyone with a pest problem. But what expectations do you set once you arrive and assess your potential customer’s situation?

Ants that manage to enter structures are seeking out water and food. To help reduce ant activity, encourage customers to clean up spilled food, store food in closed containers, keep their pets’ food and water bowls clean, and repair water leaks.

Toi Logan, territory manager for Eagle Pest Management, Heber Springs, Ark., encountered a challenging odorous house ant (OHA, Tapinoma sessile) infestation at a historic hotel. The source of the OHA? Wood stored in a crawlspace. A creek and broken sump pump contributed to the problem.

“Using a number of control solutions helped because we needed to find what the ants wanted to eat,” she says. “We also worked with hotel management to ensure sanitation needs were ongoing.”

Logan says calls for ant work at her company rise about 5 percent every year.

“One of the biggest complaints we get is about ants in the kitchen and bathroom,” she says. “Adding ant control service is essential. With ant management, there is little overhead and bigger profits.”

Customers with ants expect your help. But to ensure success, they need to do their part, too.

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