Nisus Corp. unveils new logo, tagline, website


January 13, 2020

Nisus Corp. launched its new brand identity including a new logo, tagline and website. The new materials are intended to represent more clearly the company’s commitment to innovation and new product development while honoring Nisus’ 30-plus years in business.



After analyzing the company’s former logo created in 2004, Nisus leadership determined the need to update and refresh the brand to better align with the company’s current positioning and core competencies.

Additionally, the new website has been designed to offer improved mobile and desktop navigation and functionality, allowing customers to see the full product portfolio Nisus offers along with specimen labels, SDSs, technical bulletins and other materials.

“In the last few years, Nisus Corp. has successfully diversified and scaled its product offerings while broadening our own global footprint,” says Jim Gorman, VP of marketing for Nisus Corp. “Our new brand better reflects our market-leading position, and the new website clearly demonstrates the comprehensive product portfolio we bring to our clients across the globe.”

The new brand keeps the original company name while the new design features a flowing letter “N,” representing the process of listening to customer needs, placing ideas in research and development, and finalizing products to meet those customer needs. The “N” is placed on a green background intended to speak to the company’s efforts in sustainability and environmental awareness. The new logo will allow for more flexible use and will be readily recognizable in both print and digital media.

Nisus also added a tagline to further reinforce its messaging: “Better science for a better world” rounds out the branding to share the company’s core mission of offering highly efficacious products based on science that help reduce environmental impact.

The new brand identity was created by the ad agency BLR Further.

“We have been working together on the project for about a year,” says Gorman. “As Nisus added new divisions and opened new markets we felt it was time create a new identity that was reflective of the company we have become. The new website is an extension of this identity.

“With the expansion into new markets, the timing was ideal to move forward with a fresh new look and strengthened brand,” adds Kevin Kirkland, CEO and president of Nisus Corp. “A brand is so much more than just a logo design. It reflects who we are as a company and helps to create a consistent brand experience in all divisions.”

In addition to pest control products, Nisus Corp. provides wood preservatives to the railroad, utility and lumber industries from its headquarters in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Rockford, Tenn. The company distributes more than 30 products to eight different industries across the United States and in seven international markets.


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