How to bait wildlife traps correctly


January 14, 2020

Mike Goldstein Headshot

Mike Goldstein, Sales Manager, Professional Products, Woodstream

For optimum results when using wildlife cage traps, you must bait your traps properly. When baiting single-door cage traps, for example, never place the bait on the trip pan. The trip pan is what the animal contacts to release the trap door for the catch. If bait is placed on the trip pan, the animal enters the trap, but may not go in far enough to ensure it will be caught. The trip pan is not a bait pan.

The correct bait method is to always place your bait beyond the trip pan, toward the rear of the trap. This allows the target animal to fully commit to getting into the trap before the trigger fires and the door closes.

For even better results, hang bait inside from the top rear of the trap beyond the trip pan so it’s suspended about a third of the way down. This provides a great visual to the animal, and it also allows better scent dispersion. The suspended bait keeps the animal totally focused on the bait when it enters the trap and becomes fully committed and perfectly lined up to step on the trip pan. This leads to a perfect capture.

Using this tip when baiting your cage traps will definitely make you a more profitable and successful wildlife control professional.

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